Fareast was founded in 2001 to build Optimist Dinghies and within just a few years became the largest Optimist builder in the world. The Optimist is the most highly controlled one design sailboat in the world, the building tolerances on the Optimist don’t exceed 5 mm anywhere on the boat. Every boat has to be spot on minimum weight, finished perfectly and 100% consistent, boat after boat. The result is boat builders who are focused on quality, finish, and consistency.

After years of building small one design racing sailboats (Optimist, I420 etc.) we had built strong relationships with yacht clubs and sailing schools around the world. Those clubs came to us for affordable, high quality keelboats. In collaboration with world renowned design house Simonis Voogd we have developed a line up of spectacular boats and have already produced over 500 that are sailing worldwide.

For decades sailboat racing has been drifting toward more complicated, more expensive boats, and it has put ownership of new racing boats beyond the reach of most sailors. At Fareast, we’re committed to changing that. We have changed that. We’ve proved on race courses around the world that we can beat our more expensive competitors boat for boat, and we’re doing it on a platform that’s fun, fast, and affordable.