Club Package

The Fareast Club Optimist Package is a reliable option for a sailor entering into a junior sailing program.

This package consists of:

Fareast Race Hull: Economically suitable hull for a beginner sailor.

North Sails Club Sail: High quality with a low price tag. The club sail is class strong and durable to last until your sailor is ready to move to the next level.


Fareast Club Spars: Club spars work in pair with the club sail. The sail and spars are designed to be rolled using the “snow cone” rolling technique.

Fareast Race Blades: The rudder and daggerboard are class legal race blades. These blades may be slightly nicer than a beginner will need, but if properly maintained will come in handy when your sailor starts to race.

Overall the Fareast Club Package is the best value on the Optimist market. You will not find a better price for this quality boat.

Technical Specs: 

  • length (ft/m) 7.70/2.35
  • beam (ft/m) 3.70/1.13
  • sail area (ft²/m²) 35.00/3.25
  • hull weight (lb/kg) 77.00/34.93
  • capacity 1–2 people
  • skill level beginner–advanced
  • race level club–international
  • optimal weight(lb/kgs) 75-100 34-45


To learn more about the Fareast Club package please visit the Sturgis Boat Works website or contact Rob, you can also call us at: 508.778.9187