Regatta Package

The Fareast Regatta Optimist Package is a fast option for a sailor entering into a local or regional racing circuit.

This package consists of:

Fareast Championship Hull: The Champ hull is stiffer than the Race hull, which will transfer into speed on the water.

North Sails Cross-Over Sail: Race quality without paying the price of a race sail. The Cross-Over comes in two different sizes.

Fareast Race Spars: The Fareast Race spars designed so that a race can be easily removed from the mast to be rolled around the boom. One rolls the sails to prevent damage to the delicate sail cloth. The black Fareast spars are more flexible than the Championship, Optiparts Black/Gold, and Optimax MK IV spars. Having more of a flexible mast is beneficial for lighter sailors. Typically sailors learning how to race and lighter than those with experience.

Fareast Race Blades: The rudder and daggerboard are class legal race blades. The blades are light weight and stiff. They are made of epoxy and foam.

Overall the Fareast Regatta Package is a smart option for sailors that are moving up and out of the beginner classes and into the race and travel teams. High end Opti parts can be expensive. The Fareast regatta package contains the necessary items to be competitive while your intermediate sailors focuses on basic racing tactics and strategies.

Technical Specs:

  • length (ft/m) 7.70/2.35
  • beam (ft/m) 3.70/1.13
  • sail area (ft²/m²) 35.00/3.25
  • hull weight (lb/kg) 77.00/34.93
  • capacity 1–2 people
  • skill level beginner–advanced
  • race level club–international
  • optimal weight(lb/kgs) 75-100 34-45


To learn more about the Fareast Regatta Package please visit the Sturgis Boat Works website or contact Rob, you can also call our store at: 508.778.9187