Fareast 19R


Fareast 19R:

The all new Fareast 19R makes racing even more affordable. The 19R is an ideal club or sailing school boat but also great to go out for a shorthanded spin or just by yourself.

This light weight performance keel boat is so easy to rig and handle. The overall dimensions, easy handling and low cost make the FAREAST 19R a cost efficient and attractive solution for sailing schools and clubs. The spacious cockpit allows up to 4 crew easily.

Design and Build:

The new design is in line with the successful R-series, very well balanced, high form stability, great performance and a well thought trough deck layout with top quality gear.


The lifting keel and removable rudder make trailering and ramp launching easy, it can be towed by a small sized car and makes it possible to move quickly and cost efficiently between home and sailing venues.

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Want to learn more about the Fareast 28R? Please contact Matt or call us at: 508.778.9187