Fareast 31R


Fareast 31R:

The brief to Simonis Voogd Design was simple: “Design the fastest possible conventional sport boat with the ability to be ship in a standard shipping container, compete internationally as a one-design class, but also be fairly measured under ORC and IRC”

Design and Build:

Simonis Voogd opted for a design with a well balanced hull shape to do well in almost all conditions without any bias to light or heavy weather performance. The clean lines and beam limit imposed by being able to fit in a shipping container resulted in a yacht with low wetted surface and minimal parasitic drag due to transom immersion.

Using a slender low drag build of 1200 kg (2645 lbs.) on an advanced carbon composite fin results in a ballast ratio of over 60%, literally giving “tons of stability”.

The construction is vacuum infused carbon/epoxy, where all compoenents are made in seperaate moulds and clued into position during assembly. The level of accuracy achieved allows for glue joins of only a couple of millimeters, resulting in a light, strong and stiff structure.


With an all up displacement of under 2000 kg (4400 lbs) the boat can be transported by road trailer without assistance, as it will not exceed the legal weight or width limits on most US and European roads.


There are a number of “nice to have” features on this boat, such as: all control lines lead under the deck, an under deck spinnaker bag covered by a sliding deck hatch for asymmetric chute which can be opened and closed via control lines in the cockpit, carbon airfoil stanchions, retractable centerline carbon bow sprit, and square top main to name just a few.

The experience of sailing a sport boat of this caliber is something that can’t really be described in words, you have to experience it.It suffices to say that 7.5 knots of boat speed in 5 knots of wind and more than 21 knots of boat speed in 18 knots of wind are unprecedented for a boat this size.

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Intersted in the Fareast 31R or Fareast 31R GRP edition? Please contact Matt or give us a call at: 508.778.9187